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Home Fitness Tips to Keep Your Workout Motivation Going Strong

When you sit too much throughout the day, it can increase your risk of a stroke or heart attack. If you're sedentary and watch over 4 hours of tel...

The Low-Impact Benefits of Your Stationary Bike

We have all been spending more time at home this past year. Don't let the global pandemic and stay-at-home culture make you miss out on your worko...

Indoor Cycling Workouts

You might not be going anywhere when using a stationary bike, but that doesn’t mean that using it has to be boring. Workouts are generally more man...

How To Choose The Right Spin Bike

Our Buying Guide Spinning is one of the truly great ways to get fit. This activity is still a popular fitness class at gyms across the world years...

Stationary bike vs spin bike

How Do They Differ? Are you looking to purchase a cycling machine for your at-home workout regimen? Incorporating cycling into your routine is wond...

Spin bike tips

Spin Bike: Tips, Tricks, and Workouts! Welcome to the world of Spin Cycling! Perhaps you're an avid cycler looking for a fix during the cold wint...